"Your Path to Better HealthCare since 1980"

Formally established as a physical therapy practice in 1983, Dr. Kain has branched into holistic health care. With his extensive knowledge of manual therapy approaches along with a broad spectrum of wellness care modalities, he is able to expand the breadth of treatment options for his clientele.

Dr. Kain is also passionate about working one on one with his clients. This allows him to answer questions as they arise and to initiate changes as needed during the course of any treatment session. Thus, the patient becomes the central focus in their own continuum of healing. Too often, clients are shuffled from one practitioner to another over the course of their care, which decreases the efficiency and effectiveness of their healing potential. Dr. Kain has worked within the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation for more than 30 years before branching out into a holistic care practice.

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Call for an appointment: (413) 528-0887

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Dr. Jay Kain

Clinician • Teacher
Researcher • Healer
Author • Mentor

Great Barrington:

789 Main Street
Suite 4
Great Barrington, MA


Healing Rhythms
55 Pittsfield Road, 8A
Lenox, MA


Phone: (413) 528-0887
Fax: (413) 528-6123

Office Hours:*

7:30AM - 6:30PM
7:30AM - 3:30PM
*Intensive Treatment sessions are also available.

The typical treatment ranges from 30 to 60 minutes, but patients coming from a long distance or patients requiring complex treatment can opt for intensive treatment (beyond 60 minutes).